While you are going through your checklist of items you have already acquired or items you still need. Here are a few additional things, that are very important but often forgot, to check off your list.

Kids’ tables
Kids height tables and chairs can be a good idea if you have a good number of kids that will be attending the wedding.

High chairs or booster seats
High chairs especially will help parents contain little ones while they’re eating or during important moments like the first dance or toasts.

DJ table
Many DJ’s have “all their equipment” however this might just include mixers, lights, speakers, etc. They might not have a table to set all of their equipment on. A good question to ask is how much space they will need.

Lighting to parking lot and or restrooms
Make sure that any areas that need to be accessed outside of the venue or reception area are well lit. Once the sun goes down, you don’t want your guests fumbling to find their way to their cars or the restroom.

Buffet Equipment
Most caterers have their own equipment for their dishes, but it’s always a good question to ask. You want to make sure your guests will have hot food for dinner! Be sure to get their recommendation on what type of utensil is best for each dish.

Water Station
Even if you assume your guests will be drinking alcoholic drinks all night, everyone will still need at least one non-alcoholic option. Setting up a water station with glasses and a few water containers is a good idea so they won’t have to wait in the line at the bar to get hydrated. This is also important here in Colorado because many out of town guests are not used to altitude or the intensity of the Colorado sun.

Trash receptacles
One of the less glamorous things to consider at a wedding is how trash will be disposed of. If you have disposable place settings you will need more trashcans that are accessible to your guests. You will also need a trash can available for the bar and the caterer to be able to do their job efficiently. Also consider if you are going to have your guests recycle as well. If so, a good note is to get compostable trash bags, even though you have good intentions you cannot recycle items that are not in a recyclable bag. The last note is to make sure you know who is responsible for disposing of the trash. It is often up to you as opposed to the rental companies or caterers especially if you are doing a backyard wedding as opposed to an established venue.

When booking your venue, make sure you know where your guests will be able to use the restroom whether or not that is in the venue itself or if you need to rent portable toilets.