The bridal shower

Bridal party

The bachelorette party

Bridal party
Close family members

The rehearsal dinner

Wedding party
Out of town guests

    The wedding


Post-wedding brunch

Out of town guests

Styling the invitations once you know who you will be inviting

Printed Invitations

There are too many printing services out there to choose the best! If you are going the printed route here are a few pointers that can help get you through.

Flat printing

This is sometimes referred to as “digital” printing as well. The name sort of gives away exactly what this is – flat! Typically this is what birthday and shower invitations are printed with. It is the least expensive of all the print methods and can still be very pretty and impactful with the right design.


Thermography printing

This is “raised ink” printing and is sometimes called engraving. This is the beginning of the fine print methods i will explain, therefore the price goes up because it is a process to get such beautiful, expensive ink onto the page. A bonus of thermography printing is the ability to use white ink on a dark paper (black, navy, etc) – it truly is stunning.


Foil printing

This print method has become very popular is recent years and provides that extra wow factor when clients want to use a real metallic color in their design. Dies are required for this print method which not only adds to the price but also the turnaround time. Just something to keep in mind.


Letterpress printing

I consider this the most luxe of all the print methods. Letterpress is just so beautiful. It is imprinted into the paper so you can feel all of the design and because of this, the paper used is super thick. Letterpress is priced on the amount of colors used and also requires that a custom dye is made.


Paperless invitations

As “snail – mail” has become not as prominent and technology has taken its place so has the rise in online invitations as opposed to the printed and mailed option. With this change many invitation websites have stepped up their game and attempted to make an online invitation as close to printed letter as possible. The other draw is that they are better for the environment and they are easier for recipients to respond to. Here are a few websites that are user friendly and have beautiful options.

Greenvelope strives to deliver the most elegant electronic invitation service by emulating the experience of opening a “traditional” printed invitation. By creating a positive online experience, we hope more hosts will consider sending invitations electronically for formal events – to help save trees, time, and money. To express our commitment towards this goal, we donate a percentage of every sale to mountains to sound, a non-profit organization that maintains forests. Together we can “invite” a greener future.

What we believe: Life is better. Together.

From birthdays to bowling nights, time spent together creates life’s most special moments.

At evite, we believe meaningful human connection matters most, and above all else, we aim to inspire our users to connect online and offline in beautiful, thoughtful, and significant ways.


We believe that great products are the key to a successful company. So we focus most of our energy on making our products easy to use, and we challenge ourselves to use our own products like just like our customers do every day. Some call this “eating your own dogfood” – we call this common sense.

Video invitations

Currently this is the least common method of sending and invitation because it does not urge a response however a video invitation can really connect you to your guest and extend a personalized message from you and your honey. These can also be an amazing thank you sentiment as well. Everyone will feel your sincerity for joining you at your wedding and you won’t fall behind in the schedule.

Inviter helps you to send video invitations, video greetings and starts a healthy conversation with your audience. We don’t make your customers read, but we make them feel. Video moves people and inviter’s video messaging helps you to connect to your customers and employees.

You can now easily record, personalize, and share video invitations, video greetings and video messages to friends, family, co-workers, employees, and clients – your imagination is the limit!