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Hosting Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is 24 days away! If you have too many people and not enough, chairs tables or dishes. Let us help! We have a variety of table sizes and 5 different styles of standard height chairs. Our wood padded chairs are especially perfect for the fall season! We also have faux burlap runners that [...]

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Halloween to Thanksgiving decor switch

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  Now that Halloween is over and we’re flying into getting ready for Thanksgiving your house might look a little more spooky than thankful. Here are a few tricks to switch your house over without having to spend a ton of extra cash on brand new decorations: Simply turn Jack-o-lanterns around so the face [...]

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October 4th: Improve Your Office Day

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Everyone can have days that are a little draining or frustrating in the workplace and whether or not they are frequent or few and far in-between, we are at work for a big chunk of our lives so we might as well make it as good as it can be. Improve Your Office Day [...]

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