“Love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise.” ~Victor Hugo

The night sky has often evoked romantic feelings for couples, and this year it has become a major theme for weddings. Whether it’s accented with shooting stars, moon phases, or a favorite constellation, “Celestial Weddings” are the newest trend for themed weddings. Celestial weddings can be divided into three major categories; Romantic, Rustic, and Geek-Chic. A combination of all three, or by sticking to one specific category can give your event a life of its’ own.


Romantic-Celestial weddings tend to focus on the setting the mood, rather than concentrating on the ‘star and moon’-type details. It’s all about lighting. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, the feeling of being surrounded by a shimmery wonderland is crucial to setting the Celestial theme. With the right lighting, guests will feel like they have been transported to an enchanted, star-filled paradise. If your location allows, fireworks are a great touch to end the evening!



Rustic-Celestial weddings give you the opportunity to take advantage of DIY projects, which are very popular for rustic themed weddings. Creating your own decorations is a great way to incorporate celestial accents. Mason jars decorated with glitter, lit by tea lights, work great for center pieces. Cut outs of stars put on strings can add a ‘down-home’ feel while keeping with the theme. Substituting the expected trends, such as photo-booths, with DIY photo frames or cut-outs, allows for keeping with the theme, while creating a personal touch. Party favors, such as sparklers, for outdoor and evening weddings, are an affordable way to add some extra twinkle to your event.



If you waited in line for tickets to the latest Star Wars movie, or spend every winter waiting for the Dr. Who Christmas special, Celestial-Geek-Chic is the style for you. Whether your individual theme focuses on planets, constellations, the zodiac, or even “Marriage- the final frontier”, Geek-chic is a great way to add fun and personality to your event. Ways to incorporate the Celestial Geek-Chic theme into your wedding are endless. If doing assigned seating, instead of table numbers, use planets, star-ship names, or even characters from your favorite space-themed show or movie. Center pieces, general decorations, and even favors, can easily include your Geek-chic flair.



Of course there are more simplistic ways to go about having a celestial themed wedding. Color choices, such as navy blue, bright purple, white, silver, or gold, can all create the celestial atmosphere. For weddings in colder regions, or where outdoor space is limited, projecting an image of the moon on the wall, or ceiling, can work perfect for a background for the ceremony, dancefloor, or head-table. When outdoor space is available, evening and night-time receptions can be a great opportunity to incorporate star-gazing. Having a telescope to view the moon, planets, or stars is a unique touch guests will certainly remember. You may also want to incorporate the celestial theme when choosing a location. Roof-tops, out-of-town farm settings, or even museums, make a perfect location options for celestial ceremonies and receptions. Try contacting your local observatory to see if they host events. Most observatories will at least host small events, or private sky viewings, which are perfect for a rehearsal dinner, or even a low-key bachelor/bachelorette party.  When planning your celestial themed day, just remember, the only limit is your imagination!

Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning!