Wedding Fashion Trends of 2018

Your big day is on its’ way, and the time to start thinking about what you and your bridal party will be wearing is now! 2018 is bringing about some new and fun fashion trends for brides, grooms and bridal party members all around. This years’ fashion is a reflection of the hot trend of Celestial theme weddings. Bold colors, along with glitter and glam, are all incorporated into this years’ new styles.

With all the excitement over the new trends, don’t forget about the classic, vintage look. This look does not go out of style, and has become a bride-favorite for hair and dress styles. For hair, the bird-cage veil can provide a great mix of vintage and glam, with the use of a decorative hair pin. For the DIY bride, this is an excellent option to add a bit of flair to your look, while not spending too much time or money on a veil. Other popular hair options include veils pinned in the back of the hairstyle, or pins with flowers, or feathers, in the hair instead of a veil. Messy braids, as well as the “half-up/half-down” looks are definitely the most popular styles for 2018. These looks make it easy to incorporate a hint of drama, without distracting from the rest of your look.



The most important part of a bride’s look is, of course, the dress. This year, sleeves are the hot trend for wedding dresses. For warmer months, off the shoulder sleeves are the popular look, and for cooler months, brides are choosing half, or full length sleeves. Lace and vintage styles are still very popular, and are easy to find with a variety of sleeve lengths. The newest trends for 2018 are capes, and backless dresses. The backless style has created a need for extra coverage for both cooler temperatures, and bright sunny days. Not all heroes wear capes, but in 2018, brides will!


When dress shopping, the bridesmaid dresses are just as important as the bride’s dress. These dresses typically reflect the color scheme or theme of the wedding. If you are selecting the dresses for your girls, be sure to select a style that suits all of your bridesmaids. The newest trend is to have each bridesmaid select their own dress style in the bride’s color choice. This ensures the fit and style of each dress compliments each bridesmaid, as not everyone has the same body type. The last thing you want as a bride, is to have your bridesmaids hate their dress, or have the dresses be unflattering on your girls. This could create a big distraction, and take away the focus from the bride. Bold colors such as purple, burgundy, and teal are trending for 2018.  Accents of sequins and glitter are also popular this year, which work perfectly with the new trend of Celestial theme weddings.


Once all the ladies are taken care of, it’s time to dress up the men! 2018 trends are heading away from classic tuxedos, and leaning towards more relaxed suit options. Suits in navy, grey, and burgundy are the major colors for this year. Tweed fabric, as well as patterns of flowers, or plaid, for vests, ties/bow ties, and shirts, are in style for rustic themed, or more laid-back weddings. Whether your man enjoys dressing to the nines, or would prefer to have a more relaxed look, this years’ styles have options for every taste.


Whatever your personal style, 2018s’ fashion trends are sure to have something for everyone. Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning!