Baby shower trends do not tend to change too much from year to year, as popular themes are typically pretty timeless. Although, there are several themes from previous years that are still being used in 2019, this year has brought us a few theme options that seem to stand out of the crowd. Three themes in particular are sweeping the nation with popularity for shower planners. Some of these themes have been seen before, but their charm and relation to current trends, has brought them to the forefront of 2019 baby showers.

1. Game of Thrones: The final season of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in April, and is one of the most popular television shows of all time. Having skipped 2018, fans have been eagerly awaiting the 2019 season, and the show is just as popular as ever. With fans even naming their kids after their favorite characters, it only seems appropriate that this is one of the popular 2019 baby shower themes. From ‘Baby is Coming’ décor, to diaper thrones and other themed gifts for baby, there are endless ways to incorporate Game of Thrones into a baby shower.

2. Llama Mama: Llama themed parties are very in right now, and baby showers are no exception. The past few years Unicorns have been the popular choice for animal themes, but this year, llamas are taking over! Cakes decorated with llamas or ‘llama mama’ cake toppers, and llama shaped cookies, are very popular dessert options for this theme. Of course llama diaper cakes, and llama onesies are great gifts to go along with this theme.

3. Baby in Bloom: This is a theme that can actually be incorporated with the Llama Mama theme to add some extra flair, or is a great theme on its own! With the use of cactus displays, succulents, or the general use of florals, you can create a gorgeously decorated baby shower. A potted cactus or succulent makes a great party favor! Cactus balloons, and cactus or succulent diaper cakes are other perfect additions to this theme.

                If none of these themes suit the mom-to-be’s personal style or taste, consider a classic theme. Some nice and easy options include; ‘Ready to Pop’ with popcorn and party poppers, ‘Ba-bee’ shower with bee themed décor, or even simply a baby ‘shower’ with rain drops and umbrellas used for decoration. Otherwise, keep it simple with pink or blue colors, if mama has already revealed baby’s gender. Check out Pinterest for tons of other shower ideas, Etsy for some great décor options, and of course FRER for all of your shower rental needs. Thanks for reading, and happy baby shower planning!