When planning a baby shower, you will want to make sure you have plenty of games and activities ready to keep your guests entertained. This is especially important if not all the guests know each other, as conversation may not flow easily. Games and activities create the perfect ice breaker to get all the guests talking and having fun together. They can also provide the mother, or father, to-be, with some great souvenirs, which will come in handy once the baby arrives! There are a few standards for baby shower games, as well as some new, and different, games to add some excitement to the classic options.

There are a few basic “must have” games and activities to include in your baby shower. The ‘blind fold diaper change’ is a great game to test the diaper changing skills of your guests. The ‘cut the string to the size of the baby bump’ game can be a hilarious way for the non-pregnant guests at the baby shower to attempt to figure out the size of the baby bump. Once everyone has cut the strings, help mom-to-be wrap the strings around her bump to see who is the closest! Another popular game is the ‘what’s in your purse?’ game, where guests earn points based on the items they keep in their purse. Not a purse carrying group? Try the game of ‘what’s in your phone?’ as an alternate version of this game. Decorating onesies is a classic activity, which gives the parents-to-be personalized onesies made with love by their friends and family. Of course, having a baby bottle full of candy, such as jelly beans or M&Ms, for guests to guess the amount in the bottle, is a staple of baby showers.


If you want to go a bit outside the box for baby shower games, or just feel the traditional games are not exciting enough, there are plenty of alternate options. For a bit of extra fun during the gift opening, try playing baby shower bingo! Guests will mark off on their cards the types of gifts, or phrases that may be used in cards, as the gifts are opened. Use standard bingo rules, or decide your own pattern, and the guests win a prize when they get a bingo. Does the mom, or dad, to-be enjoy Cards Against Humanity? If so, Babies Against Parenthood is the game to play! This free printable game gives a parenting twist to the hilarious card game. For something simple, try the ‘my water broke’ game. Miniature plastic babies are frozen in ice cubes, and then used in drinks. The guest with the first ice cube to melt, and expose the baby completely, yells “my water broke!” and wins a prize. If you are looking for something a bit more outrageous for games, try ‘pin the poop on the diaper’. This hilarious version of the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, is sure to provide your guests with fun and entertainment. If you have a mother, or father, to-be with a crude sense of humor, try ‘pin the sperm on the egg’ for some added hilarity. Not quite crazy enough? Go all out by adding some tails onto bean bags and play some sperm corn hole!


There are plenty of other activities for guests to participate in, if you don’t necessarily want to get too goofy. The ‘mom or dad trivia game’ is a fun activity for guests to see how well they know the parents. The host reads facts one at a time, which could be about either parent, and guests weigh in with who they believe the statement is about. Use props that correspond to each parent, and have guests raise the one signifying which parent they think each statement represents. The host, or the guests, can keep track of how many statements they guess the correctly, and whoever gets the most correct wins a prize! If the soon-to-be parents are expecting a girl, try a DIY headband station. This works great if you are already decorating onesies, as you can use some of the same decorations for both items. Really love decorating? Keep the fun going with baby blocks. These are a great keepsakes for both the parents and child, and of course, double as a fun toy for the baby! For some laid back decorating, have guests write words of encouragement, or jokes, on diapers. This comes in handy for those late night diaper changes, to not only give some support, but to help put smiles on their faces. If there are several guests that are already parents, have them fill out advice cards. For expecting parents, especially with a first child, any advice is appreciated. Another fun idea is to create a time capsule. Have guests write letters, or simply add items that represent the year the child is born, and have the child open it on their 18th birthday.


As you can see, there are many, many options for baby shower games and activities, to keep guests laughing, and having fun. Don’t forget to have prizes for all of your games! Prize options are even more endless than game and activity options, so to make it easy and affordable, check out your local dollar store. Items for pedicures, baking accessories, mini booze bottles, lotions or body sprays, are all great prize options that will be enjoyed by guests without breaking the bank. Once the games and activities are planned, and the prizes are put together, you are ready to host!


Thanks for reading, and happy baby shower planning!