When planning a baby shower, the best way to start is by choosing a theme. Most themes work great for either gender, so even if the mother-to-be doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to know, the baby’s gender, there are many options to choose from. Keep in mind, some mothers may not want their shower to be gender specific, even if they know the gender. A theme is a great place to start, as it helps make décor choices, and even gift choices, a lot easier. When selecting a theme, be sure it is something that the mother-to-be approves of, as you do not want to select a theme that may clash with their nursery décor, since gifts may be based on the theme. There are also some great theme options for showers for the father-to-be. Once you have the theme selected, make a diaper cake to match! This is a cute way to incorporate the theme into your décor, and also makes a great gift for the soon-to-be-parents.

There are so many gender neutral options available for baby shower themes, it is impossible to list every single theme idea. However, here is a list of at least some of these many options:

  • Baby “Sprinkle”– These are typically smaller gatherings than a normal baby shower, with only very close friends and family invited. Playing on the word “sprinkle” hosts will often serve donuts, or decorate with a rain theme.
  • Ba-Bee Shower– This theme is typically associated with black and yellow stripes, as well as bees, flowers, or honeycomb decorations. Serving food, or drinks, with honey is a great way to further incorporate the theme into the shower. (Serving items with honey also works great for a Winne the Pooh themed shower.)
  • Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star/ You Are My Sunshine– Decorate with stars, or suns, and of course some glitter. If you enjoy keeping current with trends, these themes are a perfect choice! Both play nicely off the popular Celestial themes for weddings and parties.
  • Ready to Pop– This is a very versatile theme, as you can go with an all-out popcorn theme, a classy red carpet movie feel, or even a circus motif. Just be sure to serve popcorn! Popcorn machines are available to rent, to make sure there is plenty of popcorn for all of your guests, and to add some flair, and extra fun, to the event.
  • Woodland/Safari– Love animals? Woodland creatures, and Safari animals, have been two popular themes for quite a while. These are great themes to use, as gifts for nursery décor, and other baby supplies, are very popular in these motifs in most stores with baby registries. Decorations with animals such as owls, foxes, and deer, or elephants and giraffes, are also easy to find in party supply stores or online.
  • Welcome to the World– This is a great theme for expecting parents who love to travel. Decorate with maps, globes, and modes of transportation. Airplanes, trains, and hot-air balloons, are all fun options for decorations, and as an additional focus for the theme.

The current trend for baby showers is moving away from gender specific themes. However, you may have an expecting mother, or father, that really would like to have their shower be themed, and decorated, based on the baby’s gender. If this is the case, there are still many options for themes to give the parents exactly the shower they want. Keep in mind, these themes are not necessarily for a specific gender, and can certainly be used for any shower, but are good examples of ways to make the feel of shower more “girly”, or more “boyish”.

“Girly” Baby Showers:

  • “Once Upon A Time”– This theme is a fun play on fairy tales. Have guests bring a book of their favorite fairy tale, instead of a card. Decorate with princesses, castles, crowns, candelabras, or even a bean stock! This is a great theme for adding lots of sparkles and glitter. Consider edible glitter on cupcakes, or on cotton candy. (Cotton candy machines can be rented, and are easy to use!)
  • Mermaid– Whether you want to focus on an “Under the Sea”, a “Scales and Glitter”, or the classic “The Little Mermaid” theme, mermaid parties are a very popular choice. Accent with seaweed, shells, and mermaid tails. Try adding streamers to paper lanterns to create jellyfish decorations!
  • Vintage– Nothing says “girly” like vintage lace and pearls. Any color scheme works with this theme, so it is easy to incorporate mom’s favorite colors, while keeping the party looking classy.
  • Pink/Gold or Peach/Mint– These classic color schemes are super popular for baby showers. They work as great color options for spring and summer showers, and can be incorporated to most specific themes, to add a touch of femininity.

“Boyish” Baby Showers/ Showers for the Dad-to-be:

  • Baby-Q– This barbeque themed party a great option for outdoor, summer time baby showers. Include red barns, and barnyard animals into the décor. Serve items such as pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, or anything cooked on a grill. This is a great time to rent picnic tables, and use gingham tables cloths for a real touch of country!
  • Baby is Brewing– This beer themed shower is great for any beer-loving soon-to-be-parents. Incorporate beer cans into the diaper cake, as a treat for mom once she’s given birth. This is also a great option for dad-showers, which has become a new trend recently, as dads need to be prepared for the baby too!
  • Dinosaurs– Are you a huge fan of the Jurassic Park series? Do you think the inflatable T-Rex costumes are hilarious and awesome? If so, a dinosaur themed baby shower might be the perfect party! Not only is this a common decorative theme for nurseries, it is also a common theme for baby clothes and accessories, making gifting a breeze.
  • Blue/Silver or Black/White– These classic colors are perfect options for a simple, yet elegant baby shower theme. Whether you decide to use these colors to host a “black tie” event, or a “rain shower” theme, these color choices are very versatile.


The options for baby shower themes are as limitless as your imagination. But be sure when selecting a theme that the expectant parents will get use out of any gifts they will end up with, that match the chosen theme. You will want to be sure to not have guests bring gifts covered in trains, or dinosaurs, if the parents are planning on styling the nursery with safari animals, or Winnie the Pooh. When in doubt, discuss options with the expectant mother or father, to ensure the best theme for their taste is chosen. Thanks for reading and happy baby shower planning!