When getting ready for the annual office holiday party, there are a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ to keep in mind. You want to make sure to have a good time, without being the talk of the office until the next holiday party. By following the simple list below, you will be able ensure that you have a positive experience.


– RSVP on time. You wouldn’t show up to a wedding, or even a friend’s party without sending your RSVP by the requested date. The same standard applies to the office party. Some companies may rely on RSVPs for catering, or gift bags. Showing up unannounced is just plain rude.

-Bring a dish to pass, or a decorative accent. If the party is a pot-luck, be sure to show up ready to share! Throw together a hot dish, or even just a meat and cheese tray. If you are truly a horrible cook, and you really want to avoid any time in the kitchen, consider bringing a nice poinsettia instead, to at least show you would like to contribute.

-Dress in theme when requested. If the party is an ugly sweater party, just put on the ugly sweater. Yes, it’s overdone and cliché, but have fun with it, and get in the holiday spirit! If anything, just think of how fun it will be to see your co-workers dressed up in goofy holiday attire.

-Participate. Most office parties will have games or activities planned. Have fun and join in! Get in as many photos as you can, and just all around have a good time. Even if the games are a bit lame, have some fun with it!

-Stay professional. This is not your bff’s party, this is a work party. So treat it as a work party. Keep the gossip to a minimum, and the general conversation to appropriate work discussion. Basically, if you wouldn’t talk about it in front of your grandma, avoid talking about it at the holiday office party. This doesn’t mean be stiff and boring, have a good time, just keep it classy.


-Drink before arriving. Pre-gaming may be acceptable for your friend’s and family’s parties, but this is not ok for the office party. If you are really dreading the party, keep a bottle of something nice waiting for you as a treat for when you get home.

-Drink excessively at the party. Keep yourself to a 1 to 2 drink maximum. There will be pictures, and the party will be talked about later, so getting drunk and making a fool of yourself will surely be something your co-workers will not let you live down.

-Talk about work the entire time. Sure it’s fine to chat briefly about work, as you all work together and have that in common. It simply becomes a bit of a downer to spend the entire party talking about the day to day business dealings, or that client who really bothers you.

-Arrive late or leave early. Unless you have discussed with the host of the party ahead of time that you have prior commitments, it is rude to arrive late or leave early. Don’t feel the need to be fashionably late. This is your office holiday party, and you do not need to try to be the cool kid.

-Be shy/keep to yourself. You might sit behind a computer all day, and spend little time interacting with your co-workers. Use the party as an excuse to get to know them better. Maybe you have something in common, like a favorite sports team, or perhaps you have the same hobbies. You never know unless you talk to someone!

-Drive home after drinking too much. Although it is recommended to keep your drinks to a minimum, some office parties do get out of hand. If that is the case, call a cab! Uber and Lyft are in most cities at this point, so there is no excuse for drinking and driving. No one wants to bail you out of jail for drunkenly trying to make your way home after your office work party.

By keeping these ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ in mind, you will be able to enjoy yourself at your office holiday party, while staying out of trouble. So get ready to have some holiday fun with your co-workers! Thanks for reading, and happy office holiday party!