Have you ever thrown a party and when buying the alcohol think to yourself, while standing in front of the mass amounts and options “Where do I even start? How will I even know what people want to drink?” Here are a few tricks to help.

Plan a Menu:

If you want a variety of options for your guests to enjoy but don’t want to buy the whole liquor store you can select a theme (i.e. Kentucky derby – Mint Julep, Spiked Sweet tea & Black and Brown -or- Mojitos – Strawberry Mango Mojito, Original Mojito, Blackberry Mojito) Make sure to have beer and/or wine for those guests who don’t want mixed drinks.



Or a simple way to have a good variety for your guests is to provide.

  • A minimum of 3 different types of beer – i.e. light, medium and dark with 1 – usually the light option being an easy to drink not so full flavored beer
  • 1 red and 1 white option of wine – Pino Grigio is typically the most middle of the road white wine that goes with most lighter foods, Pinot Noir or Merlot are the most middle of the road red options that can also pair nicely with most foods.
  • 3 types of cocktails or hard alcohol options with 3-5 mixers.

Beverage formula:

Total number of Drinks = (# guests) + (# guests x hours of party)

How Many drink are in a Bottle:

Wine: 750mL bottle contains (5) 5oz. pours of wine.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine: 750mL bottle contains enough to fill (6) champagne flutes.

Liquor: 1L Bottle contains 15-17 shots or mixed drinks with 1 shot per drink.

Keeps those drinks chilled:

If you need ice for mixed drinks, buy one pound per person for a four-hour party – more if you’re also using ice to chill bottles.