Oh no! It’s New Year’s Eve, and you still need to decorate for your party! As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful things this year has brought us, or simply to celebrate that this year is over. Whether you had a good or bad 2018, New Year’s Eve is a fresh start to a whole new year! By following a few last minute tips and tricks for your party décor, you will be ringing in the New Year in style. So throw on some party hats, and hang up some streamers, because it’s time to party!

  1. Repurposed Christmas Tree: Are you someone that leaves your Christmas tree up until after New Year’s? If so, this décor trick is for you! Remove all the red, green, and various other Christmas ornaments, and replace them with gold and silver. Add clocks, silver and gold tinsel, balloons, and stars, to complete the NYE look. This creates an incredible focal point, which is sure to impress guests.

  1. Hanging Décor: There are several options when it comes to décor to hang up for your NYE party. This is a great project for any DIY lovers out there! Create streamers with stars in gold, black or silver, to hang along the wall. Take gold and silver ornaments and hang them from fishing line from the ceiling. You can even create your own disco ball with some old CDs, a glue gun, and a foam ball! Not feeling that creative, or have you had DIY projects go pretty terribly in the past? Don’t fret! Front Range Event Rental has a disco ball for rent, as well as other fun lighting and décor options for your NYE party.

  1. Party Hats: Everyone loves a good party hat, but the same old dollar store ‘2019’ hats will be on everyone’s head, in every picture, from every NYE party. Try something a bit different, by decorating simple party hats with gold and silver paint. Once dry, glue on glitter, jewels, feathers, or other fun decorations to really make the hats special. For a fun party activity, have guests decorate their own hats!

  1. Simple Photo Booth: Everyone loves a photo booth, especially at a party! Make sure your guests have a place to take a great selfie, or to pose for group pictures, by creating a simple photo booth backdrop. Use gold or silver doorway streamers, and attach them to the wall. You can also create a frame to use on a blank wall, as an even easier version! Make your own photo booth accessories with construction paper, glitter, glue and other simple items from your local dollar store, instead of spending lots of money ordering pre-made props.

  1. Golden Food: When in doubt of how to decorate for your NYE party, grab some edible paint and get spraying! Your local craft store, or the baking aisle of your grocery store, should have edible spray paint in gold or silver. Add some festive flair to simple snack foods, such as strawberries, Oreos, or even cupcakes!

                If you have waited until the last minute to figure out your party decorations, hopefully these ideas will have you off to a good start! For more New Year’s Eve Party décor ideas check out Pinterest, or your local dollar or craft store. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!