Ah January (sigh).  Smack in the middle of winter, waiting for those glorious spring days to be upon us.  Some are in hibernation mode, but not us here at Front Range Event Rental.  We are always looking for ways to bring people together.

Winter is the perfect time to get friends together for a Wine and Cheese Night.  Make it a cozy affair with the fire crackling (or candles burning), have plenty of blankets and let your guests know it is casual affair.  The task of hosting this will be simple and bonus: there are hardly any preparations to make in the kitchen.  Request that the attendees bring their favorite wine and cheese pairing, and you can supply crackers, crostini, baguettes, fruits, spreads or any additional platter items.  A gathering such as this calls for tasteful presentation, but don’t rush to the store just yet.  Rather than purchasing platters, serving tongs, and wind glasses; rent them for the evening!  This will be much more time and cost effective- saving you the trip to the store and the dish cleanup once the party comes to a close (Front Range Event Rental will clean them back at our facility).  You will enjoy delectable platters and the company of good friends without the stress.