Keeping Your Cool: How to Beat the Heat at Summer Events

Are you planning a summer event? Summer is a popular time for weddings, family reunions, and many other outdoor events. Staying cool and hydrated is key for any summer event, as the last thing anyone wants is to end the event with a trip to the hospital for heat stroke! With a few rental [...]

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Often Forgotten Wedding Details/Emergency Wedding Day Kit

                While planning a wedding, there are so many minor details to remember, it is not surprising that some items may be forgotten. As you focus on invitations, seating arrangements, and decorations, items such as Tupperware for leftover food, or even trash bags, may be missed. There are also extra expenses, such as clean [...]

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Summer 2019 Wedding Trends

                Summer has arrived, and so have the 2019 summer wedding trends! There are a few color pallets that are sweeping the nation in popularity this season. Of course the 2019 color of the year is very big this season, but there are a few other options that have captured the hearts and color [...]

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2019 Baby Shower Trends

                Baby shower trends do not tend to change too much from year to year, as popular themes are typically pretty timeless. Although, there are several themes from previous years that are still being used in 2019, this year has brought us a few theme options that seem to stand out of the crowd. [...]

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RSVP Etiquette for Weddings

                It may be a surprising that there are specific etiquette rules surrounding RSVPs, but it can be a huge help for both sides of the invite. There are rules involved for sending and asking for RSVPs, as well as responding to an RSVP request. By following the rules of RSVP etiquette, asking for [...]

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Stress Management for Wedding Planning

                Planning a wedding can be a wonderful, yet stressful time in a person’s life. As much fun as it is to check out bridal fairs, and to imagine all the details of the big day, putting everything together can become a bit overwhelming. Hiring an event planner or coordinator can be helpful, however, [...]

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Mother’s Day

                In case you have misplaced your 2019 calendar, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th. But what do you do to celebrate the most important woman in your life? How do you say ‘thank you’ to her for giving you life, raising you, and being there for you no matter what? In the big [...]

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Keeping Kids Entertained at a Wedding

With wedding season fast approaching, couples are starting to worry about some of the smaller wedding details. A very common question in the wedding world, is “how do we keep kids entertained at our wedding?” If you are planning on having kids attend your wedding, this is something you will want to consider. Some [...]

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Easy Spring/Easter Napkin Fold

When hosting Easter, or other Spring-time events at your home, it can be fun to add a bit of flair. Want to add a unique touch to your table setting, without spending all day crafting? Follow the easy instructions below to create a gorgeous rose napkin fold! This easy, yet beautifully seasonal napkin fold is [...]

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Graduation Party Essentials

Do you have a child graduating from high school, college, or university this spring? Are you planning on throwing a graduation party? If so, it’s time to get to it! Be aware that availability this close to graduation season may be limited, as many parents throw graduation parties. When planning your party, it is [...]

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