As the leaves change, and the nights become cooler, the décor trends for weddings start to progress into darker colors and autumn related decorations. For fall weddings, there are almost endless options for color choices and décor. Below are a few variations of color pallets, rental items, and décor pieces to create a beautiful fall experience.

When creating your fall look, starting with linen colors can be the best way to guide you through all of your decorating choices. Linens are the base of your décor, and any theme or stylistic decorations are much easier to decide on after you have chosen the color pallet for your event. There are a few popular varieties in fall linens, however, selecting the linens that most fit with your taste and style is more important than matching the season. If you do decide to go with the fall look, there are several color options available.

  1. Traditional Fall: Reds, Oranges, and Yellows. There are several shades of each of these colors to choose from, including Red, Cardinal, and Pimento, for reds. For oranges, consider Burnt Orange, Bright Orange, or Iridescent Crush Sunset Orange. Yellows also come in a variety of shades, such as Byzantine Gold, Poppy, and Maize.    
  2. Modern Fall: Navy and burgundy have become extremely popular over the last few years as color choices for fall. Other shades of blue, such as Pacifica, Ocean or Turquoise, pair perfectly with Orange, to create a fall look with cool undertones. Eggplant and silver/light grey, or pewter, has also become a very popular fall color pallet.   
  3. Neutral Fall: These classic options are the perfect way to have your accent colors (red, orange, blue, etc.) truly stand out, while not overwhelming your guests. White and black are the traditional neutral choices, however, there are a few other neutral color options that work great for the fall. Chocolate brown, Khaki, and Ivory, are all great ways to bring in warm undertones for your fall style. Burlap table runners, or sashes, are another great option for a neutral, yet rustic, linen option.  

Once you have selected your color pallet, you will be able to move on to coordinating décor! There are both rental items, and some DIY items, that can be featured at your event, to create the perfect fall ambiance. Rustic themes are popular in fall, and can be incorporated into your general fall theme with the use of a few basic rental items and décor options.

Rental items:

Rustic: Farm tables (8’ x 40” or 40” x 40”), wooden padded chairs, wine barrels or wine barrel bar, rustic 3-tier stand, rustic trays or bins, galvanized bucket (oval or round) with stand, galvanized trough, mason jars, chalkboard.


General: Black padded chairs, lanterns and/or vases, shepherd hooks, metal arch, easels, weighted light poles, string lights (café, bistro, or twinkle).


Décor items: Pumpkins and gourds, red/orange/yellow leaves or flowers, pinecones, acorns, wood stumps, apples, antlers, moss, branches and twigs, wheat, hay or straw, wicker baskets, fall themed ribbon, twine or pipe cleaners, fake candles.


Other items to consider for autumn events: Blankets, rain gear (boots, umbrellas, and/or ponchos), general signage for directions, schedule of events, or menus.


For other fall wedding décor ideas, be sure to check out Pinterest and Etsy, for some great inspiration and DIY tricks. You can also contact the event coordinators at Front Range Event Rental to help you organize all of your linen and décor rental needs! By starting with some of these color options, or with your own, and adding some rustic or general fall decorations, you are sure to create a fall wedding that will be gorgeous and memorable. Thanks for reading, and happy wedding planning!