Holiday parties tend to revolve around some sort of comfort or sweet foods and often times gifts are given. But what do you do besides that? Many families have traditions that they enjoy but why not put a spin on the party? Or if you just want to host a party in addition to your holiday celebration the following ideas can add a little twist to your family, friend or combination party.

Apres Ski Party

If you don’t make it out to the slopes this season, bring the warmth of a ski lodge to your own home by hosting and apres ski-themed party. Make sure your guests can cuddle up with a faux fur blanket, and decorate with vintage ski decor and anything wood-finished. Don’t forget to have that fireplace burning!


Reverse Christmas In July Party

You’ve heard about Christmas in July parties, but now it’s time to bring the tropical temperatures to December. Tell your guests to wear their best beach-themed attire (Hawaiian shirts and flip flops requires) while they sip on pina coladas and eat these adorable cookies


Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Add a nostalgic element to your party by setting out supplies to make gingerbread houses and hosting an all-in-good-fun competition to see who can construct the sweetest abode (Award and oven mitt to the winner!) Keep it simple by stocking up on affordable gingerbread kits that come ready to assemble – and be sure to choose and official judge!


Gift Wrapping Extravaganza

Do you always find yourself wrapping your little one’s presents and hour before Santa is scheduled to deliver them? This year make gift wrapping more fun by inviting your friends over for a gift-wrapping party. Set up a table with wrapping paper, ribbons, stamps and tags galore and go to town. Afterwards, everyone can decompress with a nice mug of hot cocoa.


Cookie Exchange

Invite your pals to swing by with a dozen cookies in tow. Crank up the holiday tunes, nosh on cookies, and then send everyone packing with a bag full of treats. Set out cute recipe cards do guests can share how-tos for their new favorite desserts.


Crafternoon Bash

Corral your most Pinterest-obsessed friends for an afternoon of crafting holiday cards, wreaths, ornaments, and mantel decor. Ask each guest to bring her favorite craft supplies so you can draw from a large collection. Don’t forget to set our snacks and cocktails – crafting can really work up and appetite!


Holiday Game Night

Kick off the holiday season right with some friendly competition. Create a lineup of classic games with fun holiday twists like Christmas Bingo. A fun idea: Instead of usual place-markers, use popcorn to cover your board. If Bingo isn’t up your alley, gather everyone for a round of Christmas movie trivia. The winner takes home a basket full of Christmas DVD’s!


Christmas Movie Marathon

Build a fire, curl up with your family and friends, and get in the spirit of Christmas with your favorite holiday classics, like The Polar Express, Home Alone, and Miracle on 34th Street. Serve fresh popcorn with melted white chocolate drizzles on top for a holiday treat. To make things extra fun, ask guests to dress up as their favorite Christmas movie characters for and interesting evening.


Photo Booth Party

Encourage guests to dress up in their holiday finest, turn up the festive music, have some holiday punch and holiday hors d’oeuvres at the ready, and set up a cute photo backdrop for you and your friends to ham it up in front of. Have a few Christmas props and holiday face masks on hand – put your DIY skills to good use and make your own masks or go on Etsy to purchase printable ones.


Pancakes and Pajamas Party

Put on your favorite holiday onesie and sink your teeth into soft, fluffy pancakes for one of the most laid-back parties you’ll ever host. Encourage your family and friends to wear their wackiest Christmas pajamas and see who can outdo each other. The winner gets a fresh stack of pancakes with their favorite toppings. (okay, fine, everyone’s a winner at this party!).

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