We’re two days out from the big day (if your get together is on Christmas)!  Depending on when your get together is taking place, you may be shopping today for food and beverages (and paper products).  About three days prior to your event you should have a good idea of who will be attending and how much you will need in order to entertain for the duration of the party.  This gives you time to prepare dishes that can be made ahead of time and be refrigerated or frozen, as well as time to run back out to the store for any last minute or forgotten items.  As you get ready to wind down for the evening, take a look at your party playlist and make your changes and updates.preparing for your next big event or special occasion

The day before, get any dips, casseroles, or dishes that can be made pre-party made and stored.  Move the furniture into an open-conversation friendly configuration.  Set up any additional décor and table coverings.  Be sure to get yourself set to enjoy the festivities as well – get your holiday best ironed, pressed and laid out for the next day (this will be one less thing to worry about on the day of).

OK! IT IS TIME!  It’s party day, you have a few hours before to get your food prepared and/or ready your tables for the caterer.  Get the party punch poured (wait on the carbonated portion until just before your guests are set to arrive).  Set the tunes and 10 minutes before the start time slip on your heels or dress shoes and get ready to welcome the first party comers!

Ready to wind down the festivities?  Turn on a couple lights and dial the volume down, start packing up food for guests to enjoy later on in cute Chinese take-out containers (this will save you clean up & calories later on!).  Take the trash out and get any necessary dishes soaking or into the dishwasher so you do not wake up to strange smells in the morning.

Take it easy and enjoy the after party glow.  You did it!