Weddings are not necessarily geared towards kids, there are, of course, fun activities that they can partake in like food and dancing but there are many times that the food isn’t kid friendly and there are beautiful moments for adults to cherish, like toasts and special dances but this leaves much to be desired for the kiddos. Consider adding in a couple of these ideas that will keep the kids busy and entertained while their parents enjoy your day with you!

Have a “kids’ table” and stock it with crayons


Speaking of the kids’ table, forgo the fancy tablecloth and put down butcher paper instead

Especially if you have younger kids attending the wedding and you are providing drawing entertainment. Butcher paper allows them to scribble and draw all over the table without incurring additional cleaning fees from your venue or rental company.


Kid-friendly, wedding-themed place-mats work well too

As stated before, be aware of the age of the kids that will be present at the wedding. Themed place-mats are a blast but can have potential for kids to color outside of the lines and right onto the linens.


Put a centerpiece on the kids’ table that can be played with later

Lego’s or other fun games can be a good distraction while the toasts or more “boring” activities are happening at the wedding.


Not doing a kids’ table? You can still keep your little guests busy with an activity briefcase or bag

This will allow kids to grab their activities and take them to their seat. Labeling each bag will


Give kids this wedding-themed activity booklet


Gift each kid a pocket-sized Etch-A-Sketch

These provide endless hours for kiddos to play with while they are waiting for the dancing to start.


Set up a “kids only!” tent

Depending on the age of the kids you are needing to occupy a kids only tent will give them an exclusive feel that will keep them in one place, playing with games or entertainment as well.


Hire a babysitter to make sure the kids are having fun (and keeping out of trouble)

A babysitter is a great service to have, especially if some of your bridal party have younger kids, since they will need to be tending to the bride and groom. Just make sure to inform guests of the hours of service and hire enough sitters to accommodate the amount of children.


For an outdoor wedding, cornhole toss is a blast

This is a great option for all ages

“Wedding” ring toss is fun too


Set up a bubble station


A photo booth = kids making funny faces for hours


Stock one table with classic board games


Challenge kids to complete a jigsaw puzzle of your engagement photo


Let loose in a bounce house


Let kids get creative with these Mad Libs – style story cards

Have an “open bar” for the kids

Snacky foods, not necessarily sugar can allow kids to get little bit of food so there are no meltdowns and it also can be displayed in a pretty way to add interest.


Let kids go “glow” crazy


Make sure the appetizer hour is kid-friendly

With fun options like Mac N’ Cheese cups and Grilled Cheese and tomato soup shooters there are great ways to incorporate kids appetizers in with some not so kid friendly options, just make sure you have plenty because most people will want to partake as well!


Give kids a kid-friendly drink for the toasts

Milk and cookies are always a fun treat for kids when toasts are being given however sparkling lemonade or sparkling cider can be a good option too!