Graduation party season has arrived, and with backyard BBQ and family reunion season just around the corner, it is time to make sure you have all your party rental items lined up! There are many set-up options for these events, however there are a few items that are must haves for any celebration. Whether you stick with the basics, or want to have an all-out bash with fun extras, if you are in northern Colorado, Front Range Event Rental has all your party needs.

The best starting point is deciding on your location. Most graduation parties are at home, either in the backyard, or in the garage and driveway. Backyard barbeques are typically held in a backyard, as the name suggests, however a local park may be a great alternative. Family reunions can also be held at someone’s home, yet are usually located in a park, or other large gathering spaces. Once the location has been decided, it becomes much easier to figure out the items you will need for your event. Some parks may not allow certain items, such as tents that need to be staked into the ground, or anything with an open flame. Be sure to check with your local Parks and Recreation Department to ensure all regulations are being followed, and that you have any necessary permits. Once this information has been gathered, you are ready to start renting!


Pop-up Canopy tents, and Frame tents, are excellent options for any outdoor event, as they can be weighted, and do not need to be staked into the ground. Standard Canopy tents (20’x20’ or larger) are another great option, however, this style of tent does require being staked down. All of these tents are a perfect way to keep food out of the sun, or possible inclement weather. Don’t forget walls! Having walls on the North and West sides of the tent can be a great way to keep any afternoon rainstorms from ruining your food, as most weather moves in from those directions. This would still give you a nice opening for guests to easily access anything under the tent. Depending on the size of the tent, placing a few tables and chairs underneath is a good way to make sure guests have a place to sit out of the sun, or to relax while eating.  For outdoor gathering areas, cocktail tables with barstools are a great touch, especially for graduation parties as you can incorporate school colors with linens!


If you are serving food buffet style, you may want to consider renting chafers to keep the food warm, as not all guests may arrive right away. Serving utensils are another important item to not forget. For any type of event, you probably do not want to spend your entire time stuck by the grill, especially if you are inviting a lot of guests, which will require making a lot of food. Smaller home grills may only fit a half dozen burgers at a time, so to save yourself time while cooking for a large group, you can rent a larger grill! This ensures you are able to make enough food for everyone, without having to spend hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on a new grill, plus making sure you still get to enjoy the festivities. Another great option is a hot dog roller, as this is a lower maintenance way of cooking as compared to grilling. Make sure to remember tongs and hot dog trays for serving!


This time of year it’s going to start getting hot out, so it is important to keep your guests hydrated! There are many ways to serve drinks to your guests, as well as many types of drinks. Beverage bins, troughs, and coolers, work great for self-service bottled drinks. Non-insulated drink dispensers are perfect for serving iced tea, lemonade, or punch. Keeping a keg cold is easy with a keg cooler! Just toss in some ice, and your keg will be nice and frosty for all your guests to enjoy. Rentals of keg coolers even include a dolly for easy movement, and a tap. If you are looking for something a bit outside the box, try a frozen drink machine! These are great for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as the drink mix works great either way. If you really want to impress your guests at your backyard bash, try renting a sno-cone machine, a cotton candy machine, or even a popcorn machine! Chocolate fountains are another example of a crowd pleaser, but just be sure to use the correct chocolate for the fountain, as regular chocolate bars or chips will not melt properly.


Will there be children attending your party? If so, there are many rental options available to keep them entertained. Games such as ladder ball, corn hole, ring toss, and even sno-ball, are all great ways to ensure the kids are having as much fun as the adults. Children’s tables and chairs are other important items to put on your rental list. If you want to avoid possible extra cleaning charges from sticky fingers getting on linens, consider using Kwik covers! These disposable table covers fit onto most banquet, or round tables, like a shower cap, and clean-up is as easy as tossing them in the trash. They can also be reused, so don’t feel like you need to throw them away, if they are still clean at the end of your event! Other disposable items you may want to pick up include plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, straws, or even chafers. Front Range Event Rental currently has many of these items available for clearance pricing, so stop in, or add them to your rental order, before they are all gone!


Rental items are popular during summer months, so be sure to reserve your party items well in advance. Tents, tables, and chairs, are all popular items for graduation parties, so be sure to check availability as soon as possible, to ensure you are able to rent the sizes you need. Talk to the special event coordinators to discuss alternative options for items that may not be available. So whether you are throwing a graduation party, a backyard BBQ, or a family reunion, you can easily stay within your budget by renting the items you need! Thanks for reading and happy event planning!