So you’re planning a Graduation Party and you know you need to rent items but you have no clue where to start… that’s where Front Range Event Rental comes in!

The first thing you want to think about is what kind of party do you want this to be? Will it be more of a sit down occasion or more of an open house style? We typically see the open house style most often for Grad parties just because people tend to go to more than one grad party in a day (especially the weekend of graduation). If you are wanting a larger get together where people stay longer then we would definitely recommend holding your party a little earlier or later in the year so you have less competition for your guest’s time.


Since graduation parties typically take place during the Summertime, the most important rental is going to be some kind of shade! That’s where umbrellas and tents come in. Oftentimes, people think that tents are just in case of weather, but your 75 year old Grandma Jean is not going to want to sit in the sweltering sun for hours on end either. Front Range Event Rental carries a variety of tent styles and sizes ranging from the most cost effective option of a DIY canopy all the way up to large Frame and Pole tents (which we set up for you). If you are setting up a tent yourself, don’t forget to call Colorado 811 before you stake so they can mark the public utility lines (the last thing you want to do is cut the power to the whole block in the process).

Now that you have the big stuff handled, all you need to worry about for your party is seating (tables, table coverings and chairs) and the food and drinks! Don’t worry – our highly trained special event coordinators will help you with all of that.

Another simple alternative is to check out our Graduation Party Package, which is brand NEW this year! The package includes a 20′ x 20′ Frame tent, 32 – black folding chairs, 4 tables, 1 – 10′ x 10′ Popup canopy, 1 – 6′ banquet table, 1 – 10 gallon beverage dispenser, and 1 – game of your choice all for just $475. Delivery and other additional items are extra and the quantity of packages are limited (See right for a sample setup of this). Just add the table coverings, food, drinks and guests – perfect for all graduation parties.

Gift Cards are available for purchase as well, they make a wonderful gift for proud parents! Give us a call today to start planning your grad party with us.