Halloween is not just for kids. You may be considered too old for ‘trick-or-treating’, but you are never too old to celebrate Halloween! If you don’t have kids, or if the kids are having their own Halloween fun, hosting a Halloween party might be for you. Not sure where to start? Selecting a theme more specific than just ‘Halloween’ may be the easiest way to guide your party planning. There are quite a few different theme options for a Halloween party. Below are a few general themes, with some ideas for extra details, décor, and rental items, to make your Halloween party something to scream about!

  1. Black and White: This theme might be simple, but that doesn’t mean boring! Keep it classy, or spice things up with a twist on the theme, like Beetlejuice, or pirates. Black and white vertical stripes painted on pumpkins, or as streamers hung on the walls as a backdrop for a food table, or photo booth, immediately invoke the thought of Beetlejuice. Just don’t say his name three times! You can also make some DIY modern creepy sculptures to add to the feel of this theme. Printable signs for your bathroom, front door, or for extra décor, can be easily found online with a quick search.

Black and white striped pants are a traditional choice for pirate attire, and happens to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes. So hang up a Jolly Roger and get out the rum, as this costume is also a great party theme. Decorate with nautical items, skulls and crossbones, or even serve your meat and cheese tray out of a skeleton! Feeling really creative? Try carving a pirate ship jack-o-lantern!

Otherwise, basic black and white décor can be a great way to class-up your Halloween party. Paint pumpkins in various black and white patterns, and add cut-outs of bats or witch hats for some extra flair. Find old jars, vases, or candelabras at a junk or thrift store, to paint white or black.

  1. Gothic: This theme is the perfect way to incorporate creepy and classy into your Halloween party. Black and red are the best colors to select for this theme’s pallet. Use red and black for décor, linens, and even food items. There are a few ways to spin off of this theme to create a frightfully gothic feel. Horror movies are a great way to incorporate this dark feel, with some extra spookiness! Dress up the bathroom to give guests a fun scare, hang cut-outs of knives in the window, or decorate a wreath with some killer touches.

Murder mystery parties have become very popular, and are a great way to celebrate Halloween. A gothic feel can be added to most murder mystery party styles, such as Clue, or Roaring 20’s. Check out online for rules and ideas for how to host this type of party. Make sure to assign characters to guests who have RSVP’d to the event before they arrive, to ensure they can have appropriate costumes for their character.

Simple ways to decorate with the gothic theme include ravens, black candelabras, red or black linens, and skulls. Jewels can be used as accents on various items, to add a touch of class to creepy decor. Roses, in black or red, are another perfect décor items for the gothic theme. If you enjoy making DIY decorations, try spray painting picture frames black, and add in creepy photos or 3-D objects, to create a spooky addition to your gothic décor.

  1. Witches and Warlocks: This classic Halloween theme doesn’t have to be double, double, toil and trouble! Ideas for this theme can be found from movies, books, and even world history. Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, Wicked, and the Salem Witch trials, can all be used as the inspiration for a hauntingly good party. With the new “Fantastic Beasts 2” movie about to be released next month, now is the perfect time to get in the Harry Potter spirit! Thankfully, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series is not just for kids. Some adult twists on the series, include drinking games for each of the movies, as well as Quidditch beer pong or bag toss. Decorating for this party theme is as simple as ‘swish and flick’. Hang faux candles from the ceiling, DIY your own sorting hat to sort your guests, or create your own Dementors. Just make sure your guests practice their Patronus charms!

Another great take on this theme is a Hocus Pocus party. Bring out your inner Sanderson Sister with a DIY spell book! Not feeling that creative? Try simply decorating rice-krispie treats, or brownies, as the spell book. Of course, watching the movie would be a vital part of this party theme, so make sure to have your Sanderson Sister themed drinks ready for playing the Hocus Pocus drinking game. As a nice throw-back to childhood, get the party really going with some Hocus Pocus Mad Libs!

For a nice and simple version of this theme, it’s as easy as black cats, witch hats, and broomsticks! Of course cauldrons are another great item to use for décor, or for serving food and drinks. Create a ‘witchy-wardrobe’ by hanging cloaks, witch hats, and brooms, in the entry way so guests immediately feel the theme of the party. Bored with the standard Jack-o-lantern? Try turning your pumpkins into black cats! For a wickedly sweet treat, serve your guests some ‘poison apples’. There are a few different versions of this recipes available on Pinterest. Of course these are not really poisoned, but they do look good enough to trick an unsuspecting princess into eating them. For a classic touch, be sure to get out the Ouija board to contact any spirits that may be visiting your Halloween party!

So have no fear! By using one of these themes, or mixing and matching from a few of these options, you Halloween party is sure to be a scream. Contact Front Range Event Rental to make sure you have enough chairs for your guests, tables to serve food, and any other hauntingly beautiful décor items you might need for your party. Thanks for reading, and happy Halloween party planning!