Some couples are simply not the ‘classic white wedding’ type of people. If the sound of a white dress makes you feel bored, you are not alone! Some brides find the idea of wearing a white dress to be an antiquated idea, and want to have their special day be something a bit more outside the traditional box. Themed weddings have become a popular way for couples to add some extra personality to their wedding. Not sure what theme would be best for you? Are you and your fiancé known for being those friends who are always dressed in black? Do you get excited when the streaming services release the spooky movies? Are black cats your favorite animal? Do you plan your Halloween costume months in advance? Did you carve your pumpkins so early that they are already looking a bit droopy? If so, a Halloween themed wedding might be for you!

There are several different ways to go about a Halloween themed wedding. Whether you bring in the feel of Halloween with the use of colors, or by decorating with some creepy crawlies, there is no limit to the creativity you can use for this theme. This is also a great theme to use if you are a DIY bride! Many of the décor items that look expensive can be crafted for only a few dollars, with a trip to the thrift store, or scrap store, and some paint.

There are also some rental items to keep in mind, that will help transform your wedding into the perfectly Halloween themed event, without going over the top. Black padded folding chairs, lanterns, shepherd hooks, and linens in black, orange, purple, red, or a variety of other accent colors, can all be rented from Front Range Event Rental!

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Need help putting together your list of rental items? At Front Range Event Rental, our special event coordinators are happy to go through all the details of your big day to make sure you are getting all of the essentials to fit your theme. Stop in during our showroom ours (listed on the home page) or give us a call today at 970-221-3159! Thanks for reading, and happy Halloween wedding planning!