With wedding season fast approaching, couples are starting to worry about some of the smaller wedding details. A very common question in the wedding world, is “how do we keep kids entertained at our wedding?” If you are planning on having kids attend your wedding, this is something you will want to consider. Some couples will decide to have an ‘adults only’ event, however for those who decide to allow guests to bring their children, it is important to find ways to keep them from running amuck. There are several wedding kid entertainment ideas to make sure all the kids are kept entertained throughout the entire event.

                When planning your entertainment for any children attending your event, first decide if they will be given a designated kid’s table, or if they will sit with their parents. If the kids are with their parents, you will still want to make sure they have some sort of activity to keep them busy. If they will be at their own table, or area, you will definitely want to hire, or assign, a babysitter, to make sure all their needs are taken care of, without interrupting the celebration. Be sure to take into consideration the ages of each child attending, as a 2 year old will not have the same needs as a 9 year old. You may have to provide slightly different entertainment options based on these age differences. For example; a 9 year old would easily be able to play with Legos, however, for a 2 year old, try Duplo instead!

                If the kids are all sitting at their own table, try covering the table with butcher paper, instead of regular linens, and providing crayons. This not only prevents any mess on nice linens, but also gives the kids a canvas to create on while the grown-ups are being boring. An activity case for each child can be a great option to keep them busy. You can customize these based on age, or make them all the same. Providing items such as coloring books and crayons, playdoh, a pocket Etch-a-sketch, or Mad-libs, are all good entertainment choices. Free printable pages for coloring are available online. Snacks, such as Goldfish crackers or fruit snacks, are definitely something to include, as some kids may not be very interested in what is being served for dinner. Be sure to also have “kid friendly” options for all the toasts that are bound to take place. Milk and cookies, juice, or caffeine free pop, are the perfect substitute for adult beverages.

After the meal has been served and all the adults start dancing the night away, the kids will still need to be kept entertained. Although many kids will enjoy some fun on the dance floor, having other activities available is the best way to ensure the kids don’t feel left out of the festivities. Creating a scavenger hunt for the kids can be an exciting way for them to spend their time. Provide disposable cameras, either as part of the scavenger hunt, or as a fun way to have them feel included in the celebration as “mini-photographers”. A bubble station is a super fun idea for kids, and adults, as everyone loves bubbles! Either a bubble machine, a large container with bubble liquid to share, or individual containers, are all options to set up this area. This works great for both indoor, and outdoor events, although make sure you have the bubble liquid that does not leave rings if you are inside, as venues may charge extra for damage to any surface with left over soap residue. If your event is outside, having games, such as corn-hole, ring toss, or even a piñata, are all great ways to add some extra excitement for the kids. If you want to really show the kids a good time, try renting a bounce house! This will keep the kids entertained for hours, and leave them nice and tired for their parents, when they are ready to head home. Another option is to rent a small tent to provide a “kids area”, with puzzles, board games, and other activities. This keeps the kids busy and entertained, while making it easier for the babysitter to keep track of all the kids in one area. For events that last into the evening and night time hours, be sure to have glow sticks! Kids will love lighting up the night with these, and the adults will get a kick out of them too. Glow sticks can even be used to create a great “send-off” at the end of the event!

                By using some, or all, of these ideas, you are sure to keep any child attending your wedding completely entertained for the entire event. Remember, no couple is required to have kids invited to their wedding, but if you do, be sure to be prepared! Thanks for reading, and happy wedding planning!