Are you planning a summer event? Summer is a popular time for weddings, family reunions, and many other outdoor events. Staying cool and hydrated is key for any summer event, as the last thing anyone wants is to end the event with a trip to the hospital for heat stroke! With a few rental items, some DIY tricks, and a few options for summery favors, you will be able to keep yourself, and your guests, nice and cool at any event!

                For any outdoor, summer event, there are a few rental items that should definitely be on your list. Tents are incredibly helpful for providing your guests with a shady area to escape the harsh summer sun. There are several styles of tents to choose from, including pop-up canopies, frame, and pole tents. Pop-ups are easy to put up and take down yourself for any event. Placing a picnic table underneath a tent, with a pedestal, drum, or misting fan, will create a sheltered sanctuary for any guest feeling the heat. Just make sure you have an electrical source to run the fan!


Keeping guests hydrated is a very important part of hosting a summer event. Consider renting insulated drink dispensers, or coolers, to keep drinks nice and cold. Be sure to use plenty of ice when using glass drink dispensers, or drink bins! Try adding fruit to water, or using ice cubes with fruit frozen inside, to make hydration a bit more enticing for guests. Frozen drink machines are a great frosty and refreshing option, and can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you want to really ensure an ice cold option, sno-cone machines are a great way to provide some hydration, and make for a fun treat for kids and adults!


If you feel like adding some extra excitement to your summer event, try the balloon burst game! This simple version of a dunk tank is a fun and easy activity for guests of all ages. They will get to enjoy a big burst of refreshing water, if the other guests have good enough aim! Water balloon piñatas are another fun idea, especially if there will be several kids at the event.

                If you don’t think your guests will want to get wet, be sure to recommend light colors and fabrics for their attire, on the invitations. For weddings, paper and wood folding fans, or paddle fans, are a great multipurpose tool. The program, or menu, can be printed onto the fan, for guests to know the schedule of events, and to stay cool! Providing sunglasses, or parasols, are other options to help keep the sun off of your guests. These items can even be customized, to include names and dates, to use as favors! Customized labels for water bottles are another way to provide favors, while keeping everyone hydrated. Want something less disposable? Customized drink koozies are a very popular wedding favor, and work great to keep drinks cold in the summer!


By following these recommendations, you and your guests will have no problems beating the heat! Remember, hydration is very important, especially in summer months. Do not be afraid to remind guests to keep drinking water! For all of your summer rental needs, be sure to check out Thanks for reading, and stay cool out there!