Tomorrow, May 29th, is “Learn About Composting Day”, which means it’s time to get eco-friendly! There are some easy DIY ways to get your own compost going, and some important “do’s and don’ts” of composting that you will definitely want to take into consideration. You can also purchase a pre-made compost container online, or from retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, or Bed Bath and Beyond. However, if you are not feeling that adventurous, or don’t have the space for a compost, there are many other ways to still be eco-friendly.


Composting is taking waste, such as dried leaves and leftover food, and turning into nutrient rich soil, to use for fertilizer on grass, or for gardening. According to these are the items you need to get your compost started:

  •  Materials in your yard like dried leaves or twigs. Break up the twigs if they are branches into small pieces and let the brown materials be your base.
  • Green materials, such as lawn clippings and newspaper.
  • Coffee grounds with the filter, tea bags and loose leaf teas.
  • Egg shells (crumbled up if you can), all your leftover fruits and vegetables


There is some debate about putting citrus peels in a compost pile. However, at this point most sources do say citrus peels are just fine to include, and will not damage the pile as previously thought. You definitely do not want to include any meat or dairy products in your compost, as this will attract too many bugs, and possibly animals. Some bugs in your compost pile are good, especially a few earth worms, as they help keep the soil healthy. If your pile becomes completely overrun with bugs, you will need to start over, as you do not want to add soil with an infestation to your garden. Before you get started on the compost pile itself, you will need to have a container available to keep the compost enclosed.

There are several different materials you can use to create your own compost bin. An old trash can, wood, chicken wire, and milk crates, are all great options to get you started. Be sure to have a lid, and also make sure there are air holes. A lid will prevent bees, wasps, and flies from creating a home inside your container, and keeps it safe for anyone to add to the pile, without the worry of bites and stings. If using a trash can, drill holes in the sides and lid to allow air into the container. The holes allows the soil to breathe, and develop properly into compost. You will also want to make sure the compost pile does not dry out. It does not need to be watered every day, but be sure to check on it frequently to add water when needed. For specific instructions, check out Pinterest! There are many postings online that provide step-by-step instructions for DIY compost containers for those of you feeling up to the challenge.


If this all seems overwhelming, then consider simply using compostable products in your home, or even at the office! When using disposable items, you can still be environmentally friendly. If you would rather use plates, or napkins, that you can toss, and would prefer to avoid spending all that time washing dishes, try using brands that focus on sustainability. Susty Party products are a great example of a brand that creates completely compostable and biodegradable products. All of their items are made from non-toxic materials, and the company supports a great cause. They work with visually impaired, and blind, employees from non-profit factories to packages all of their products. Front Range Event Rental is a big supporter of this great company, and currently has many of their items available at clearance prices!


You can also rent items to be eco-friendly. Plates, cups, silverware, and napkins, are all examples of items you can rent, which saves you from throwing anything away. It is much better for the environment to simply wash items, rather than adding them to a landfill. By renting through Front Range Event Rental, you are not only supporting a local business, but you are also supporting the environment! Whether you choose to create your own compost, use compostable items, or merely rent items instead of purchasing them, there are plenty of options to make sure you are being eco-friendly. Thanks for reading, and happy Learn About Composting Day!