Brides are finding more and more creative options when it comes to what is served for dessert at their wedding. The traditional wedding cake is practically a thing of the past. There are still, of course, ways to make a wedding cake more exciting, than just a few tiers and some icing. Recently, Geode cakes have become very popular to add some flair to a traditional style cake. Cakes cut open, showing off their decorated insides, are a big new trend. Half-and-half cakes, or Bride and Groom cakes, are an excellent alternative to a standard cake as well.


Other traditional cake options include theme cakes. This years’ popular Celestial theme has brought about some beautiful and unique options for cake design. Using dark colors, such as navy, as well as some metallic details, help accentuate the out-of-this-world motif.


Of course, there are also the slight variations on cakes, for bride’s who enjoy the taste, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of figuring out transportation for a big, fancy cake. Cupcakes and cake-pops have been a staple of wedding desserts for the last several years. The popularity of cake-pops has been fading slightly, as they look great, but are more expensive than some other options. The cupcake trend is definitely still going strong, since they are a very cost effective option for desserts.


If you like the idea of individual desserts, but want something a little different from cupcakes or cake-pops, there are a plethora of options available. Dessert cups, cheesecakes bites, or brownies, are perfect for easy individual service. Some other options include; Oreos, ice cream sandwiches, and macaroons. For ice cream sandwiches, ensure you have a freezer for storage, until after the main meal is served, to avoid melting. Also, remember to make sure you have enough for everyone, plus a few extra, as guests may go back for seconds!


If you really want to stand out, one of these newly popular cake alternatives may be just your style. Pies and donuts have quickly become a favorite dessert option for brides looking for something a little different. One way to serve pies includes “pie-cake”, where multiple pies are stacked to give the cake-tiers effect. Mini-pies, and pie bars, are also popular options for serving. Donuts have similar options, however, donut-holes can be served on skewers or even piled up in a pyramid!


There are several other desserts being used at weddings instead of cakes. Giant cookies, rice-krispies, pancakes, waffles, crepes, Jell-O cups, cinnamon rolls and even churros are being used as cake alternates. These options can even be stacked to mimic the look of a cake, while still being fun and unique types of desserts. These are fantastic options for couples who want a semi-traditional looking dessert, but do not actually enjoy cake.


Some couples not only do not like cake, but also do not like sweets in general. If this is you, do not worry! A new trend of non-sweet cakes has emerged, and is giving brides and grooms some great new ways to have cake, without actually having cake. Cheese wheels, pizza, and meat pies are some fun alternatives to sweet treats. Chicken and waffle sliders are a great semi-sweet option. If you don’t want dessert at all, or if you are looking for a way to incorporate a bit more fun into your dessert, consider a piñata! Fill it with candy, or other small trinkets and prizes for your guest, and let them take a whack at their dessert.


No matter what satisfies your taste buds, finding the perfect dessert for your wedding is a piece of cake!

Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning!