In case you have misplaced your 2019 calendar, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th. But what do you do to celebrate the most important woman in your life? How do you say ‘thank you’ to her for giving you life, raising you, and being there for you no matter what? In the big scheme of things, no gift seems good enough for the woman who has given you everything. However, this is not an excuse to not get your mom something for Mother’s Day! She will love and appreciate any effort you put towards giving, or sending a gift, or simply contacting her to say ‘I love you’. If you are looking for a fun project to make as a gift, try a twist on an acrostic poem for Mom. Don’t forget about Grandma, there is a version of this gift idea for her too! Many of these options can be ordered off of Etsy, or you can make them yourself! Check out Pinterest for other last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas.

There are many ways to express your love for Mom on Mother’s Day. So even if your gift doesn’t seem good enough, she will still appreciate the effort and thought behind it. For example, every year I try to send my mom tulips, since that is her favorite flower. There were several years in my 20’s where I did not live near her, and was not in a financial position to send a gift of any kind. Being the wonderful woman that she is, she understood my situation, and so instead I made sure to call her, and at least spend time talking to her. This way, we were still able to celebrate in some fashion, and I was able to show her how important she is in my life. Other families that live near each other may celebrate by taking Mom out for a Mother’s Day brunch, or dinner. If you are like myself, and live far away from family, simply be sure to let your mom, or any mother figure in your life, know you love them and are thinking of them. Mother’s Day is all about showing your love and appreciation, so no matter how you show it, as long as you put in the effort, that is what’s important. Thanks for reading, and happy Mother’s Day!