You asked for it and we listened – we are now offering gift certificates! Do you know someone having a party or getting married in the next couple years? We’ve got the perfect gift for them! Family and friends are always wanting to help the happy couple with their wedding in any way they can – this is a rewarding (and probably the easiest) way to help out!

The best part is we are offering an additional discount on the future rental if you purchase a gift certificate in the month of April. When you use the gift certificate you will receive an additional 10% off rentals on that order… whether it’s a $10 or $1000 order! All you need to do is purchase a gift certificate now to redeem it later with an extra 10% off that order.

All you have to do is give us a call and you can pay for the gift certificate over the phone and we will email the VIRTUAL gift certificate to you. This helps keep our clients and staff safe and healthy during this dangerous time and we can save a few extra trees as well!

* The gift certificates will be good through December of 2022 so you have plenty of time to use them. The 10% discount is off the rentals only (there will be no discount on delivery fees or other sales items / fees).