Spring has sprung, and the trending wedding colors have arrived. This season there are several popular color pallets to choose from, if you would like to have an ‘on trend’ wedding. If you are unsure of where to start when selecting your color pallet, begin with choosing a neutral color. White, ivory, khaki, or champagne, are great neutral options to use as a base for your color options. If you are still at a complete loss, consider one of these trending color pallets!

Spring 2019 Wedding Color Trends: Navy & Coral – Incorporate the 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, with Navy. This combination of light and dark hues, will create the perfect wedding color balance. The Coral will brighten up your event with a splash of warmth. The deep Navy soothes, and creates the feel of softness, while adding depth to your color pallet. The Navy also helps prevent the Coral from becoming overwhelming, as Coral is a rather vibrant color. Use White or Ivory as a complementary neutral.

Enchanting Garden: Pink & Celadon – Plum, Eggplant, or Amethyst can be used as a substitute for Pink, for couples who prefer purple tones. Kelly or Hunter are excellent alternatives to darken up the tone of green, as Celadon can be a bit too pastel for some couples. This is the perfect color combo if you are planning a garden, or backyard wedding! Even if an April snowstorm prevents outdoor celebrations, this pallet is the perfect way to incorporate the feeling of Spring into your big day.

Magically Royal: Ocean & Amethyst – If Ocean blue is a bit too vivid blue, consider using Royal, Turquoise, Teal, or Pacifica instead. Amethyst can be swapped for Eggplant, or Grape, to create a slightly darker pallet. This bold and beautiful color scheme is fit for royalty, and works perfect for both indoor and outdoor celebrations! Consider this color pallet if you are getting married near a water feature, or somewhere unique such as a butterfly pavilion.

Modern Glam: Pink, Black & Hunter – If you are looking for a high impact color pallet for your big day, this is the look for you. This scheme is all about drama and contrast. Incorporate some whimsy with pink and white florals. Black bridesmaid dresses make for a bold statement, but can be softened by lace, light pink florals, or jewelry. For some extra glam, use cursive writing for your menu, program, seating chart, or cake topper.

Neutrals: Pewter, Grey, Ivory, Champagne, Khaki, White – If you want to keep things simple and elegant, consider using all neutral colors for your wedding pallet. Most couples will select a neutral color, or two, as an accent, however, using all neutrals can be a great color scheme on its own! If you are getting married in a garden setting, winery, or somewhere that already has gorgeous décor, you may not want to distract from the beauty of the location by using bright or bold colors. By keeping a neutral pallet, you can focus more on the celebration itself, rather than all the extra details.

                For 2019 Spring weddings, there are no shortages of beautiful color pallet options. Remember to consider your venue, or general location, when selecting your colors. Of course, at the end of the day, it really is all about the color, or colors, that best fit your taste and your vision for your wedding day. To view available linen colors, stop in to Front Range Event Rental’s showroom today, or give us a call for a quote. Thanks for reading, and happy wedding planning!