Spring has sprung and it’s time to party! Invite some friends, mix up some cocktails, and celebrate the new season. After suffering through the cold and snow all winter long, it’s no surprise when spring fever hits. But with a little creativity, and a few rental items, you will be ready to host an event that will cure even the worst spring fever!

When planning a Spring Fever Cocktail Party, think bright, bold and happy colors. Flamingo pink, Lime green, Lemon yellow, Ocean blue, Turquoise, and Periwinkle, are all great options for linen colors to give your party a whimsical spring feel. Simply using cocktail tables, and multiple linen colors, can provide a fun atmosphere for your guests. Mixing and matching linen and sash colors, adds to the ambience of the party and helps provide a personal touch. Cocktail tables allow for guests to easily mingle, and helps keep them up and moving about after being cooped up all winter. For optional seating, try bar stools! This will give guests the option to grab a seat when needed, while keeping them at the correct height when seated by the cocktail tables.


Having a specific color theme can be extremely beneficial when trying to decide which types of cocktails to make for your party. Incorporating your chosen colors into your cocktails can be an exciting and unique touch that guests will be sure to notice and appreciate. For example, if selecting Flamingo and Lemon as your color options, try serving pink punch with pineapple wedges, or lemon sorbet! If Lime or Turquoise are more your style, Margaritas or drinks made with blue Curaçao liqueur are great options.


If you don’t have a bar to serve drinks from, portable bars and fill-N-chill bars are perfect rental options. These items include the bar and linens, which quickly provide a professional looking space to serve drinks. Fill-N-chill bars are great for self-service cocktail parties, as drink mix items can be kept cold, while being easily accessible for guests.


Don’t forget snacks! After a few cocktails your guests may be feeling a bit hungry. Items such as fruit or veggie plates, bruschetta, or shrimp cocktails are all great, and easy, serving options. Of course, the classic charcuterie platter is always a good choice, as nothing says “party” like a meat and cheese tray!


When hosting a party, you have plenty to worry about with guest lists, food, and drinks. Instead of purchasing all the tables and accessories needed for your event, renting can be a much better option. Renting items allows you to save money on items you may only use once, as well as alleviate some of the stress of organizing and planning the event. Certain smaller items, such as cocktail napkins, or straws, are better to purchase. They are typically one-time use items, and are very inexpensive. Be sure to check out the clearance section on the Front Range Event Rental website for deals on disposable items! Below are some suggested items to include on your rental list:

  • Cocktail tables
  • Table linens and sashes
  • Barstools
  • Glassware (Margarita, martini, wine, etc.)
  • Beverage containers (punch bowl, drink dispensers, carafes, pitchers, etc.)
  • Drink serving utensils/accessories (ladles, cocktail shakers, corkscrew, etc.)
  • Frozen drink machine, or beverage fountain
  • Portable bar or Fill-N-chill bar
  • Food serving trays or bowls
  • Food serving utensils (tongs, forks, spoons, etc.)

Following these easy recommendations will certainly create a fun and vibrant spring fever cocktail party. So as always, have fun, and happy party planning!