Staying Warm at Winter Events


Heaters are the most common way to keep you and your guests warm at an event or get together. FRER and our sister company Arapahoe Rental offer a variety of different heater options.

Most people have seen the propane patio heaters on patios of restaurants all around town. These heaters are a great option for an open-air outdoor event. They are easy and a cost effective option to scatter about your outdoor event. These types of heaters are just that – for outdoor use only! It is not re

commended to use a propane patio heater in a fully enclosed space with little to no ventilation – your guests will thank you

for not getting gassed out by those propane fumes.

If your event is happening indoors or underneath a tent there are a couple other heater options for you to consider. FRER carries electric patio heaters, which can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as tent heaters – both of these styles do require an electric source. Tent heaters typically work best if they are in a doorway / opening of a building or tucked underneath a tent wall. This allows the propane tank (which actually creates the heat) and the heating unit to be outdoors and it blows the warm air inside. (picture to the right)

Hot Beverages

Keep your guests warm from the inside out by providing hot beverages in addition to cold ones. Keep your coffee warm and freshly brewed in a percolator or hot chocolate or spiced apple cider toasty in a beverage urn, or insulated beverage dispenser. Make it festive with extra toppings or a little kick of the hard stuff (adults only) to keep them extra toasty.


Don’t forget the power! For any outdoor event, power is essential for running all your lights, sound system, heaters, or other machines. FRER and Arapahoe Rental carry a large variety of generators varying from a smaller quiet inverter generator all the way up to a large tow-behind unit that can power everything under your tent and so much more!