Summer has arrived, and so have the 2019 summer wedding trends! There are a few color pallets that are sweeping the nation in popularity this season. Of course the 2019 color of the year is very big this season, but there are a few other options that have captured the hearts and color schemes of couples getting married this summer. If you are still deciding on color options for your 2019 summer wedding, you will definitely be on trend with the options below.

1. Sunset colors: Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, Living Coral, has been a huge influence on summer wedding pallets. One of the most popular pallet options this season is sunset colors. This includes an array of colors from dark pinks, such as Magenta, to Orange, all the way to Poppy yellow, and every shade in-between. If this is the theme for you, Front Range Event Rental has several color options within this pallet to satisfy your love of sunsets. Our Shrimp or Sherbet colors are the ideal match to the Living Coral. Peach, Pink, Flamingo, Burnt Orange, and Byzantine Gold, are all perfect options to complete this look.

2. Jewel tones: Are the sunset colors not quite your cup of tea? Want something a bit darker, and sultry? Consider some gorgeous jewel tones! This summer, couples are using dark colors to bring out the romance in their color pallets. Dark purple tones, such as Eggplant, bright and bold pinks, like Raspberry, and deep shades of emerald, think Hunter green, are all great ways to incorporate jewel tones. Blue jewel tones are also a popular aspect of this color pallet. From green-blue, to bright blue, there are many color choices if you want to add the blues to your wedding colors. Teal, Pacifica, Ocean, and even Royal blue, are all available color choices from FRER.

3. Parisian blues: If jewel tones are a bit too bold, but you love shades of blue, the new trend of the Parisian themed pallet may be the choice for you. Using a variety of blues, such as Light Blue and Navy, mixed with White or Ivory for a neutral backdrop, gives you the classy and elegant look of a Parisian summer wedding. Stop in to FRER’s showroom today for a great example of this theme on our 6’ round table!

4. Silver/ Grey accents: Most couples select a neutral color to balance out their main color choice, and summer 2019 is the summer of silver and grey! Want to incorporate some light silver or dark grey into your wedding pallet? FRER has a few great options to go along with any main color choice. Our Light Grey/Silver is perfect for a bright, yet not overwhelming, highlight neutral. Want something a bit darker and a bit bolder? Pewter is a perfect choice for a neutral addition to a color pallet, or even as a main color choice.

                To check out all of the available colors, and some fun summer table set up options, stop in to FRER’s showroom today. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm, and Saturdays from 8:30am to noon. Our special event coordinators are happy to go over all the available color options to help make your big day the best day! Thanks for reading, and happy wedding planning!