Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s time to start making plans! There are many ways to decorate your home for your Thanksgiving celebration. If you want to have some beautiful décor, but you’re working with a tight budget, there are many DIY ways to decorate. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on fancy already-made decorations, consider making your own for pennies on the dollar!

To get started, find objects around your house that you can repurpose for your Thanksgiving décor. Mason jars, wine corks, vases, and even sticks and leaves from your yard, can come in handy for DIY projects. A trip to the dollar store, or craft store, will have you all set with the finishing touches! Below are some great options to make your Thanksgiving celebration one to remember.

  1. Gourds in a vase: This simple yet elegant display is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the feel of fall into your décor. Using a few cylinder vases, and some small gourds, fill the vases and place them around your home, or as a center piece on your dinner table. Don’t have a vase? Front Range Event Rental has several vase options available to rent!
  2. Wine cork pumpkin: This is the perfect DIY project for wine lovers! Do you have a collection of wine corks sitting around your house? If so, grab some paint, and a hot glue gun, to make a wine cork pumpkin! Simply paint the ends of the corks orange, and glue together to make the pumpkin body. Then, take one extra cork, paint the top green for the stem, and glue onto the top of the pumpkin. Using twine or rope, and felt, you can make vines and leaves to complete the pumpkin!
  3. Bling pumpkin: For this décor item you will want to use a craft pumpkin, in order to keep this for years to come. You can use a real pumpkin for this, however, once the pumpkin starts to go bad, you will have to toss this décor piece. With your faux pumpkin, a hot glue gun, and some decorative beads on a string, you can easily put together this bling pumpkin to add some fun flair to your Thanksgiving celebration!
  4. Pumpkin flower pot: This is a great option for using real pumpkins and flowers for a fresh look, or using faux pumpkins and flowers, for a décor item you can keep for future use. For either option, cut the top off of the pumpkin, and place flowers of your choice in the pumpkin. Trim the stems so the flowers rest on the edge of the opening of the pumpkin. You can also place the flowers in a vase, to then place inside the pumpkin, to be able to keep your flowers in water, or simply to protect the flowers.
  1. Leaf and branch mobile: This décor item is an easy and super festive option! Simply find a stick, or a circular item such as a cross stitch ring, for the top. Tie string, or fishing line, to the top, and attach leaves to the strings. You can also incorporate fall colored beads, or other decorative touches.
  1. Pie garland: Leave it to Martha Stewart to create a beautiful and unique DIY decorative option! While most Thanksgiving celebration hosts are decorating with leaves and pumpkins, you could be decorating with pie. Create pie slices with paper, and attach the ‘crust’ of each piece string, or fishing line, with a hot glue gun. You can then string you pie garland along walls, tables, or any other spot around the house.
  2. Thanksgiving tree: Christmas is no longer the only holiday that gets a special tree! To make your Thanksgiving tree, simply use a tomato cage, fall color leaf garland, and string lights. You can even use various fall décor items, like faux pumpkins or berries on twigs, as a tree topper. Wrap it all together, and you have a Thanksgiving tree!
  3. Pine cone basket: This simple and seasonal basket looks classy, while being super easy to make. Find a wicker basket at your local thrift, scrap, or craft store. Fill with a mix of pine cones and twinkle lights, and place near an outlet to ensure you can plug in the lights. To add a personal touch, add ribbons, or other fall decorative accents!
  4. Thankful mason jars: If you love easy DIY projects, this is the decoration for you! Simply gather enough mason jars to spell out words such as ‘Thanks’ or ‘Fall’, with one jar per letter. Then using paint, coat the inside of each jar with whatever pattern you prefer. Using stencils for the letters, or free hand if you are feeling brave, use brown, black, or gold paint, to fill in the letter on each jar. You can also stencil letters onto burlap, and glue that around each jar for a nice rustic touch. For an even easier version, skip the letters, and just paint the jars. Once dry, fill with flowers and put on display!
  1. Pumpkin house number: Want to bring the feel of Thanksgiving outside? Once your interior décor is all put together, consider making a pumpkin topiary, with your house number on it for the front porch! Guests coming over for Thanksgiving will love this special touch, and so will any delivery driver bringing you food the night before Thanksgiving while you are avoiding cooking. Find a plain planter or flower pot from the craft or dollar store, to use as the base, and give it a nice coat of paint. Using craft pumpkins, stencil on each number of your address, and stack the pumpkins. You can also purchase large, individual house numbers at most hardware stores, and attach those to the pumpkins, instead of painting. Use hot glue to attach each pumpkin to each other, as well as the base. You can also paint the pumpkins before adding the numbers, to make it look a bit fancier. Once stacked, add on some leaves, or other various fall themed décor touches to finish this project.

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, it’s time to start crafting! Hopefully from this list you have found an idea that will work for you own personal décor preferences. If so, get on out the glue gun and paint, and get to work! Once your house is nice and decorated for Thanksgiving, make sure you have enough tables and chairs for all of your guests. Need a few extra to make sure the whole family can sit down for the meal? Contact Front Range Event Rental for all of your table and chair needs, including children’s sizes! Thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!