As you are planning your wedding there can often be some confusion on who has what responsibilities. Even when asking a close friend or loved one to be in your wedding, they might not know what exactly that entails. Obviously every situation is different, however here is a guide of traditional responsibilities to help you delegate before the big day occurs!



  • Select bridesmaids and maid of honor
  • Order flowers for hair
  • Shop for a wedding dress and jewelry
  • Buy gifts for your bridesmaids
  • Get present for the groom
  • Set aside time for a hair and make-up rehearsal
  • Plan a pre-wedding dinner for you and your best girls
  • Buy wedding ring for groom


  • Choose best man and ushers
  • Buy the wedding ring
  • Splash out on the best suit you can afford
  • Kit out best man and ushers in matching attire
  • Buy a gift for your bride
  • Secure marriage license and pay the officiant
  • Get thank-you gifs for helpers, plus spares
  • Prepare your speech




Best man

Organize and host a memorable bachelor party
Coordinate suit, tie and accessories with the groom and ushers
Get the groom to the ceremony, and organize transport for the newly married couple
Supervise the ushers
Plan and write your speech
Escorts maid of honor after the ceremony

Maid of honor

Plan and host the hen party
Help choose the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ outfits
Organize the other bridesmaids
Help the bride get ready – and calm her nerves
Witness and sign the wedding certificate
Arrange the bride’s veil and train throughout



Father (Bride/Groom)

Pay for the rehearsal dinner (groom)
Propose the last toast at the rehearsal dinner (groom)
Co-host and help pay for the reception (bride)
Escort the bride down the aisle (bride)
Plan, write and delivery wedding speech (bride)
Pay for all drinks at the reception (groom)

Mother (Bride/Groom)

Plan and host the rehearsal dinner (groom)
Bring the guestbook to the reception (bride)
Help the bride choose her wedding dress and jewelry (bride)
Look after the wedding gifts (bride)
Help organize ceremony & reception (bride)
Co-host the reception (bride)






  • Help the best man organize the stag party
  • Fold and hand out order-of-service booklets at the ceremony
  • Distribute corsages to family members before they’re seated
  • Escort the bridesmaids after the ceremony
  • Decorate the newlyweds’ car




  • Offer to make, decorate and distribute the wedding favors
  • Help the maid of honor organize hen night
  • Check and/or decorate the wedding venue
  • Run errands for the bride
  • Be one of the first on the dancefloor, and encourage others to join you
  • Walk down the aisle behind the maid of honor