Decorating the aisle at your wedding may seem a little overwhelming with all the styles and options available. But keeping it simple is the best way to ensure your décor looks classy and beautiful. Using your general theme, or color palate, is the easiest way to get started selecting items for decoration. Whether you are going for a rustic, vintage, or even a Celestial theme, there is certainly décor out there to guarantee you will be walking down the aisle in style.

The most popular, and classic, option for aisle décor is flowers. There are several ways to incorporate flowers into you aisle decoration. Hanging flowers from chairs, and using petals to cover or create patterns along the aisle are the most traditional. Using a vase is a great option if you have a flat surface to work with, or if some sort of platform is available. Shepherd hooks are a wonderful way to hang flowers beside chairs, if you would like to keep them off of guest seating. Substituting with succulents, potted plants, or strands of greenery, have become popular options for brides looking to keep the traditional feel, while adding some individual style to the décor.


If flowers are not really your style, lanterns are a great alternative. There are many different styles of lanterns available to suit any décor theme. This is another great way to use shepherd hooks, or lanterns can simply be placed on the ground. It is definitely recommended to use LED candles, rather than real candles. If you are renting lanterns, wax from real candles may harden onto surfaces, which may lead to extra cleaning charges upon return. Plus, LED candles give the same effect of real candles, as you can find many shapes and sizes, with flickering effects, all without the mess! If you like the look of both lanterns and flowers, they can be easily combined to create a beautiful display, all without worrying about candles. Paper lanterns are a fun, new alternative to the classic metal lanterns, and add a hint of whimsy to your décor.


Does a hint of whimsy sound like your style? There are many options, other than paper lanterns, to add a whimsical flair to your aisle décor. Ribbons, feathers, balloons, pom-poms, pinwheels and paper fans, are all great alternatives to traditional decorations. Clocks, pineapples, and moss molded into mushrooms or other shapes, are becoming popular new choices as well. The newest trend for aisle décor is “magic carpets”. Lining the aisle with carpets can give you the feel of being transported to a magical land. This, however, it is definitely a more expensive option, as most rugs will need to be purchased, rather than rented. If going with this years’ popular Celestial theme, hanging stars above the seating area, or lining the aisle with cut-outs of stars, are perfect ways to incorporate your theme into you aisle décor.


Decided to go with a rustic theme for your wedding? Well then you have hit the aisle décor jackpot! There are so many possibilities when it comes to rustic décor, it is almost impossible to list them all. Galvanized buckets with baby’s breath, burlap and lace fabrics, tree stumps, and wooden signs with quotes, or poems, are a few of the classic rustic decoration ideas. Try using driftwood, antlers, or even pebbles, for a very natural look. For some newer rustic décor trends brides have been using bird cages, chalkboards, and even picture frames, with pictures of the bride and groom, hung along aisle side chairs.



So what about the end of the aisle? An arch can make a great focal point for any theme! Renting an arch, and attaching your own decorations, is definitely the best, and most cost-effective route to take. This helps you avoid having to purchase, or build one yourself, which can be expensive and time consuming. Transportation can also be a hassle, which is completely alleviated by renting. Flowers, vines, and fabric are the most popular items to hang on a wedding arch. Make sure to ONLY use pipe cleaners when adding decorations to your rented arch. Zip-ties and other fasteners can leave marks or be difficult to remove, whereas pipe cleaners are soft and easy to twist on and off, and will save you from possible damage charges. If you are doing a “sand ceremony”, having a cocktail table, barrel, or other small table, is perfect to place the jars, or vases of sand when not in use. This table can also be used to sign the marriage certificate, if you are including that in the ceremony.


There are a few important things to remember when deciding on your aisle décor. When using flowers, be sure the scents, and sizes of flowers are not overwhelming your guests. Large bouquets may block views, or make guests feel like they do not have enough space. Certain flowers, such as baby’s breath, or lavender, can have a very intense smell. You may want to keep that in mind when deciding between hanging flowers on guest seating, and placing flowers on the ground. This is also important to remember when hosting an indoor ceremony, as you do not have the luxury of wind dissipating scents. Speaking of wind, make sure your decorations are tied down if it is windy! If there is a breeze and you plan to line, or fill, the aisle with flower petals, wait until the last possible minute to set them out. Lastly, if guests will be bringing children, make sure your décor is child-proof. This is another reason to choose LEDs over regular candles, as LEDs will not burn little fingers!

With all of the décor options available, no matter what you choose, you will certainly be walking down the aisle in style!

Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning!