When planning a wedding, there are several important details to include in your budget. Of course the wedding dress is of huge importance, but attire in general may not need to be as much out of your budget as you originally planned. Another smaller portion of your budget will go towards any needed rental items, as not all venues offer enough of the items you may need. Lastly, although you may want your big day to look gorgeous and fancy, your décor and flower budget does not need to be astronomical. Below are a few examples of how to work each of these needed items into your budget, without breaking the bank.

                Once engaged, many brides-to-be rush out to try on that pretty white dress before even setting a date! Some brides feel the look and style of the dress can help direct the theme, location, and even date of the wedding. If you are one of these brides, you will still want to keep in mind your overall budget when trying on those gowns. Your entire attire budget, including bridal gown and groom attire, should only take up about 6-10% of your total budget. If you are working with a $20,000 budget, this allows for $1200 to $2000 to be spent on attire. The best way to stay within this percentage of your budget is to do some research on the bridal boutiques you want to visit before starting your dress search. Stores that carry high end designer gowns may start their pricing at $1500 -$2000, so be sure to know what you are getting into before scheduling an appointment. If you are looking for a place to trim your budget, this is a great place to save some money. If you are the budget savvy bride, consignment shops are your new best friend! This type of shop is a great place to get a gorgeous gown at a discount price, leaving plenty of room in your budget for any potentially needed alterations. For the groom’s attire, renting is definitely your most budget friendly option. Most menswear stores will give you the option to not only rent the grooms outfit, but will also allow the groomsmen to rent their attire as well! Keep in mind when asking friends and family to be part of your bridal party, they will be taking on the responsibility of paying for their own attire for the wedding. This is important to consider when deciding on a bridesmaid dress, or a specific suit or tux, as you will want to make sure you are not breaking the bank or forcing bridal party members to back out due to an unreasonable financial demand.

                Many recommended budget breakdowns include any rental items, décor items, and even flowers, in the reception portion of the budget. However, if you are not using a venue that includes all the necessities, these expenses will be a separate portion of your final budget. Décor items are able to be grouped in with either flowers or rental items, as typically wedding décor will include flowers or rented items. For flowers, it is recommended to use between 6% and 15% of your budget. Based on a $20,000 total budget, you would be wanting to keep your flower costs between $1200 and $3000. Many couples may feel this is a very large portion of the budget, however, there are ways to cut flower costs, while still keeping your wedding looking beautiful. Consider using simple bouquets instead of elaborate floral displays to help keep down costs. The best way to save money on flowers? Rental flowers! This may sound silly, but renting your flowers can cut your floral costs in half or even more. Of course, if you are renting flowers, this does mean they are faux flowers. Before you turn down this option, keep in mind there have been major advances in this technology, and professional faux flowers are much higher quality than the ones at the dollar store. For your rental items, you will want to keep this portion of your budget to be between 8-10%. This gives you about $1800 to $2000, with a $20,000 budget, for rental items. Keep in mind, this does not include tented weddings, as that would be combining rental and reception items into one category. For most couples with average guest counts, keeping your rental costs for chairs, tables, linens, and other rental items within the recommended percentages should not be too much of a challenge. However, if you have expensive taste and need delivery of your rental items to a remote location, you may need to consider padding this section of your budget. If you are working with a specific budget for your rental items, be sure to mention that when asking for a rental company for a quote. While discounts may not be available, event coordinators will be able to direct you to the items that will best work for your budgetary restrictions. If you are in Northern Colorado, and are looking for wedding rentals, be sure to contact Front Range Event Rental for a quote!

                Although attire, décor, flowers, and rental items are not necessarily huge portions of your budget, they are certainly important parts. Be sure to discuss with your venue as to all of the items that are included in the price, to ensure you have plenty of chairs and tables for your guests. When selecting your flowers, be sure to ask for any package deals, or possibly less expensive ‘a la carte’ options. Remember, every wedding is different, and every budget is different. If flowers are not your thing, do not feel obligated to include them in your budget! Spend your wedding budget on the items that will make you happy. This is your big day, so use the décor that best suits your taste. Thanks for reading, and happy wedding planning!