When to send them

Immediately! Yes, thank you cards aren’t always the easiest task to accomplish however they are very important. You want to make sure your guests feel appreciated for their time and gifts, so get the thank you cards completed and sent as quickly as possible; then the task is out of your hair and your guests will treasure the thought. And luckily there are a few ways to make this process easier!


How to remember who gave you what

First of all you need to keep track of who gave you what. Unfortunately, as much as you cherish a gift and remember for a few days who it was from, the hectic atmosphere of life can have the tendency to fade that metal record quickly. Do yourself a favor and write down, in the moment that you open the gift, who it is from.

At showers or bridal parties, assign someone who is sitting next to you to write down the gift and who it came from as you open it. This allows you to continue moving through items and also allows a friend or relative to participate in a very important task. Keeping a specific journal of all wedding related notes is a good place to have this list. If it is after the wedding at home, sit down with your new partner and one of you write while the other opens. With this list being in a specific book, both you and your partner will know exactly where to record the information when packages arrive before or after the big day.

If you receive a monetary gift they are often given in cards. Write on the card itself the monetary value so that you can deposit cash and checks quickly but have record of how much you should be thanking the gift giver for.

How to write them

There are many different online templates that you can use to crank out quite a few thank you notes, quickly. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every note but make sure to add a personalized touch so the thank you doesn’t sound completely robotic.


Lastly, if hand writing EVERY letter sounds overwhelming but you like the feel of a handwritten note as opposed to a typed one there are many fonts that looks like handwriting or better yet, you can turn your own handwriting into a font!


Handwriting Font Generators